Christmas Adam°


Happy Christmas Adam!

Wait! You don’t know what that is!?

Well, you know how there’s Christmas Eve, well Adam came before Eve. And that’s how Christmas Adam was born!

Its just something silly my dad heard from his work.


Merry Christmas!



20 followers I’m so happy! I started this blog not knowing what I was doing. For a while I didn’t have many followers. But, now I have 20 followers!

I don’t what to say but………

Thank you!


Now what do I do?

Oh right.

Dance Party! Dance with me!!!

OK fine.

Thank you guys for 20 followers!


Louise ❤

I’m going crazy!!!!!

Help me! ( clears throat )

I mean hello.

OK, I need help.

Your probably wondering what I need help on. Well I will tell you. As you know Christmas is coming up and need to get people gifts. So, I was kind of wondering if you guys could help me with ideas for gifts

The first one I need help with is my cousin.

She loves frappes. But, I just don’t know what to get and/or make her that’s frappe related.

I also have another cousin shes young and I have no clue what she would want. I mean, what do littler kids like. I could get her some learning device.

That’s all the people I can really think of right now. If I need any more help I will just do another post.


Louise ❤

P.s. do you think I need a new closing. Comment down below if so.

STL ( Sharing the Love ) #2


I’m so excited!

This is the second STL.


Here are the teams and their new points:



The Joys Of Julia

20 points



0 points



0 points

Good job guys ( well only two of you guys participated but I get it your busy )

The next them is anonymous meaning you have to make up something nice for someone all on your own. Here is the verse: In this world you will have trouble. But be brave! I have defeated the world! John 16:33

Good luck!


Louise ❤

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day!!

So as you know today is Veterans day ( well duh because I’ve said it like 3 times ).

I just wanted to thank all the veterans out there who have served or are serving our country

If you have a family member that is or was a veteran please just give them a hug or make them a card or just do something nice for them.

If you don’t have a family member or don’t know anyone that is a veteran then just please pray good things for any veterans out there.

Happy Veterans Day!


Louise ❤

P.s the dead line for STL is tomorrow but, I will not be posting until the afternoon so if you haven’t posted your STL do not worry you can still do it tomorrow.



So I know your probably wondering why doesn’t the title say STL.

That’s what I’m here to talk about.

Not a hole lot of people have posted their STL ( probably because some of you guys are busy which I understand ).

So, I am going to extend the date for STL to give you guys more time to be able to finish the STL project.

The new date for STL is November 12th.

Good luck on your STL project.


Louise ❤

Little friends


Ok this is just a random post.

About a week or 2 ago my sister and I found a caterpillar.

And just a few days ago we found another caterpillar!

The first one we we named Casper ( you will get why in a second ).


The second one we found we named Cuddly Bear.


This is my dad playing with him.


Aren’t they so cute!

Bye bye!


Louise ❤

STL ( Sharing The Love )


Hi guys!

This is just amazing.

4 people signed up for STL, 4 people!

So, I will proudly introduce……….STL.


The teams:







The Joys Of Julia

For a refresher of what you have to do:

I will give you a theme and a verse. You have to incorporate the theme and the verse into something nice you can do for someone else. Like say the theme is breakfast, then you could say make someone breakfast and make a card with the verse in it. But that’s not all, you have to take a picture of what you did and post it on your blog for me to see ( also if you post it please let me know in the comments thank you ).

The theme is: a poem

The verse is: Depend on the lord in whatever you do. Then your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

Contestants, you have until the 8th of November to finish this assignment.

Farewell and good luck!


Louise ❤

Kelsey’s Q&A


Hello Kelsey here!

So, Louise told you guys I was doing a Q&A.

Here it is!

The First questions are from Anika:

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Definitely rocky road.

 Favorite outfit?


This night gown my Grandma gave me.

Favorite doll brand?

Probably the doll brand I am which is Journey girl dolls.

Next questions are from The Joys Of Julia.

Favorite band?

News Boys!!!!

If you could only get one thing for Christmas what would you ask for?

A trip to Disney Land, I have always wanted to go there.

Do you do any sports, if so,what?


Gymnastics! I am actually a level 6.


Thanks for the questions bye!


Kelsey ❤

Easy doll Halloween costumes🎃🕸

Hello vampires and ghouls!

Today I have some very easy doll Halloween costumes.

So we have a bird, a bear, a cat, and a deer costume.

 I found 4 Halloween masks in a ( professional) coloring book.

You can draw your own masks though.


Cut them out. Once you have cut them out, cut where you want the eyes or if you got them from a coloring book like me then just cut out where the eyes are.


Then punch out two holes, 1 on each side, with a hole puncher.


Take a pipe cleaner and put each end through the holes.


Twist the ends so there secure. Make sure they fit your doll.




Which ones your favorite?

Happy Halloween!


Louise ❤